Welcome to the Speak-eZe™ website. The basic steps to follow:

  1. Experiment with different words/phrases
  2. Submit your word/phrase to this website
  3. Receive a unique web address pointing to your message
  4. email the web address to a friend
**Internet Connection required, preferably fast**
**Speak-eZe™ uses the m-w.com database of .wav files**
**It doesn't always work 100% perfect the first time, so there is a 'Repeat' option**
**Currently, Speak-eZe™ is only supported on the Internet Explorer platform**

hint: try splitting up common words to form words that are not in the m-w.com dictionary:
"go mess" = "gomez"
"watt" = "what"
Oh, and leave out the punctuation.

Enter words separated by spaces:

Delay between words: ms

asherzone.com makes no claim of responsibility to the material posted to the Speak-eZe™ website. If you received a web address in an email that you feel is inappropriate, please contact the sender of the email to resolve the issue.